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Have you considered the advantages of forging?

For metal parts requiring maximum hardness and strength, that have critical performance specifications and can benefit from an oriented grainflow, or must be formed to special sizes difficult to machine from bar, forging is the best method to choose.

Forging uses hammers or presses to manipulate heated metal to the desired shape. The process breaks down the metal's coarse grain structure into finer grains, and these in turn become better aligned to the shape of your part. The result is a metal part with enhanced density and structural integrity, greater durability and directional strength.

In Open Die Forging the work piece is moved while being hammered into final shape — think of a blacksmith working upon an anvil — the process most used for large, even massive industrial parts, like those produced by our leading North American partner, Scot Forge.

Click here for a video of an Open Die hammer and here for a video of an Open Die press.

Seamless Rolled Rings are forged from a "donut" of heated metal that is spun between rollers until it reaches the correct dimensions. This one-piece ring, with no welds required, possesses superior resistance to fatigue.

For a video of the Rolled Ring process, click here.

In Closed Die Forging, the metal is enclosed between plates, one or both of which are contoured to the shape of the part — a great way to forge smaller components with complex shapes.

View a software simulation of the Closed Die forging of a part by clicking here.

Upset Forging similarly encloses the work piece in dies, increasing cross-sectional diameters by shortening the length. Compression fills cavities in the die to produce sometimes elaborate shapes. Upset Forging is ideal for producing near net shapes in parts like valves, couplings, fasteners, pushrods and bolts.

To view some examples of the possible part types and configurations that can be produced by Upset Forging, see this page.

Here are a few more of the advantages of forging:

ForCast Industrial Sales can provide you with open die, closed die and upset forged parts from ounces to 100,000 pounds; in components that range from bars, blanks, hubs, hollows, rolled rings, shafts and spindles to axles, brackets, gears, pinions, valves and yokes — and much, much more.

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