Scot Forge

Scot Forge Capabilities

For more than 100 years Scot Forge has been leading its industry as one of the most advanced producers of custom Open Die Forgings in the world.

Serving markets from offshore drilling to defence, metalworking to mining, construction to shipbuilding, Scot Forge produces some 250 million pounds of Open Die and Rolled Ring forgings every year. It was the first Open Die forge shop in North America to be certified to ISO 9000:2008 quality standards (July, 1992).

Scot Forge's state-of-the-art equipment list features:

Scot Forge produces parts weighing from five pounds to 400 tons, in carbon steel, stainless steel, tool steel, and alloys of copper, aluminum, nickel, and other ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

Readily forged shapes include bars (round, square, flat or hex), blanks, rings to 200 inches in diameter, hubs, stepdown shafts and hollows. Scot Forge also features its proprietary Tartan Bars® — sound-center, rolled surface round bars.

Secondary in-house processing options include saw cutting, rough machining, deep hole boring, heat treating, contour torch cutting for unusual shapes; and complete laboratory and testing facilities.

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