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You know the part you need to do the job.
Have you considered the advantages of casting?

Pay only for the metal you use! Casting is often the most economical solution for mass production of metal parts.

Large numbers of a casting can be manufactured rapidly and efficiently from one tool — negating the need for repetitive machining costs to arrive at a near net shape, typical of starting with bar, or repetitive welding costs, typical of starting with plate.

If the shape of the part you require is complex, or if you need to produce repetitive quantities of the same part, with uniform physical and mechanical characteristics, casting is often the best way to go.

Because casting makes use of molds to solidify molten metal, it is highly adaptable to handling an almost infinite variety of shapes. Objects can be cast by a variety of methods into single-piece configuration which otherwise might have required assembly from several pieces made by other methods.

Some particular benefits to casting:

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